Chambal Literary Festival

Treat yourself to the culture, poems, films, and folk arts inspired by the beauty and proud history of the Chambal region.⌛ 3-4 December 2022
📍 Commander Arjun Singh Bhadauria College, Kamet, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh 206131

2 days of pure bliss!

2 days. 4 sessions. And unlimited joy with breathtaking local cultural activities, heartening poems, and entertaining films and arts.

I. History and culture of Chambal

I. History and culture of Chambal

Have a good time knowing the inspiring and encouraging stories from the inspiring history of Chambal.

II. Chambal in poems

Warm your heart and let the happy emotions unleash with lovely and waah-waah poems!

III. Films and folk arts

Experience shows and arts unlike any other film and art, truly rooted in the soil of incredible India.

IV. Concerned creator

Get inspired by the achievers and creators who dare to create something meaningful out of nothing.

Beautiful Chambal is calling you!

It's not just a festival. You get to see animals and birds in Chambal Sanctuary, have fun with a boat ride in the Chambal river, visit ancient temples, and enjoy untouched nature and breath fresh air on your Chambal visit.

Come on! Experience it all while attending Chambal Literary Festival.